Will economy or luxury win in the 2014 People’s Wheels Awards?

Will economy or luxury win in the 2014 People’s Wheels Awards?

South African car enthusiasts swing between affordability and aspiration when choosing their Car of the Year.

Kia Sorento AWD

New Models : Swisher Sorento

Kia’s revitalised Sorento offers good economy, a comfortable ride and a premium feel to make it an alluring proposition in the family-orientated SUV category.
Wynter Murdoch reports

Ford Kuga

New Models : Katch a Kuga by the tail

Ford’s new Kuga adds another piece to the jigsaw puzzle that is the South African compact SUV market.
Chris Reilly attended the launch

Ravishing new RAV4

New Models : Ravishing new RAV4

Twenty years after its birth, Toyota’s RAV4 has grown up with all the good looks and fine manners of its Land Cruiser cousins.
Wynter Murdoch reports

Hyundai i20

New Models : Flagship at last!

Hyundai’s latest addition to the i20 range is a handy 1,4-litre turbodiesel with all the trimmings, giving it flagship status at a sub-R200k price.
Chris Reilly was at the launch

New Route for Pathfinder

New Models : New Route for Pathfinder

Nissan’s introduction of two new models to its Pathfinder range focuses on making the vehicle more attractive to buyers who are looking for value-for-money offerings in the medium SUV segment. Wynter Murdoch reports