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Why advertise?

The Auto Annual provides an opportunity for the advertiser to raise its profile amongst investors, partners and customers.

Who should advertise?

Anyone wanting to reach people who have a vested interest in all-things automotive.

Distribution & Demographics

10 000 copies of the Auto Annual are printed annually and widely distributed; to the general public through selected retail stores including Exclusive Books and Estoril Books, and to the motor industry at large, including executives and management of OEMs, vehicle importers and distributors, component suppliers, dealerships, aftermarket companies, service agents, refinishers, accredited service workshop groups, advertisers, advertising agencies and automotive news media.


Company Profiles
OEMs, vehicle importers and distributors, component manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers, dealer group and dealerships.

Customised Dust Jackets
Includes: Logo on Front Cover, Corporate ad on Back Cover, 50 Copies of the Auto Annual.


Full Page R 20 650
DPS R 26 350
½ Page R 15 300


Page Dimensions

Page size: 293mm x 265mm

Copy area: 263mm x 235mm


One Page Profile R 22 650.00
Two Page Profile R 31 350.00
Three Page Profile R 40 050.00
Four Page Profile R 48 750.00